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Monthly Archives: August 2019

    The Most Hated Chores in America—and How to Take the Agony Out of Doing Them

    By Eddy Workinger | August 29, 2019

    If you feel like you’re spending way too much time on household chores, you’re not alone. According to a new survey, the average American spends up to 690 hours a year on housework. We feel like even Marie Kondo would object to spending that much time making a home sparkle! Read More

    4 Drawbacks of Home Equity Loans

    By Eddy Workinger | August 29, 2019

    Taking out a home equity loan against the value of your property can backfire if you fail to avoid these common pitfalls in the borrowing process. Read More

    Housing Supply Not Keeping Up with Population Increase

    By Eddy Workinger | August 29, 2019

    Many buyers are wondering where to find houses for sale in today’s market. It’s a true dilemma. We see an increase in buyer demand, but the supply available for purchase isn’t keeping up. Read More

    Places to Use Baking Soda

    By Eddy Workinger | August 1, 2019

    I love baking soda. Whenever I stock up, I buy a lot of boxes. It’s not that baking soda can clean everything, but it can definitely make almost everything cleaner. Check out these places around your home that could use a little baking soda. Read More

    The Housing Slowdown May Be Ending: What Buyers, Sellers Need to Know

    By Eddy Workinger | August 1, 2019

    The much discussed—and, in some quarters, much feared—housing slowdown may be coming to an end. The real estate softening that began last summer, marked by a surge in homes hitting the market and fewer sales after years of crazy-high annual price growth, may show signs of reversing course by this fall, say housing experts. That’s... Read More

    Tree Falls On Property Line: Who Pays? Who Picks Up the Pieces?

    By Eddy Workinger | August 1, 2019

    Who pays depends on numerous factors. When a neighbor’s tree falls over your property line, yell TIMBER, then call your insurance company. Home owners policies cover tree damage caused by perils like wind and winter storms. Most policies cover hauling away tree debris if the mess is associated with house damage; some will cover cleanup... Read More