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9 Things Your Home Needs For Autumn

The home decorating bug bites a lot of us during the fall months. If you do some research into autumn design, you’ll find lots of tips about how to celebrate this terrific season in your home.

Many of these tips are useful. However, what a lot of them fail to realize is that autumn is about more than just fall colors and getting ready for the holidays. Those things are certainly central to home design for the season. However, it’s important to think about other aspects of autumn including the increased emphasis on homework and the decreased time a lot of families have together.
This guide serves as a reminder of all of the home design and home organization touch-ups you might want to focus on for fall. Yes, seasonal display ideas are included but autumn decorating is about so much more than that!

1. A Media Room
A media room is surprisingly important in the fall. Some people love their fall TV shows; others are excited about the football games that air in the fall. However, the reason that it’s important is really because it’s good to separate the TV time from the homework/family time. Find a way to position your TV and media area seating so that it’s off in its own little section.

2. A Homework Station
With school back in full swing, the kids need a great place to do their homework. Setting up an area designed just for the task is definitely a smart move.

3. An Organized Craft Space
It’s worth it to take the time to organize your craft room right now. Halloween and the winter holidays will be here before you know it. Those crafty times will be a lot simpler if you get your craft space neat and clean right now.

4. Gathering Space in the Kitchen
Autumn is so busy that it’s easy to miss out on important family time. Reorganize your kitchen area so that everyone can gather in there easily. A kitchen island, a large table and other seating provide resting areas during that little bit of downtime for the whole family.

5. Seasonal Decor
Speaking of the holidays, this is the season when you want to make sure that you’ve got a guest room ready. Update it with warm blankets, tableside lamps and some artwork.

6. Cozy Blankets
And speaking of blankets, autumn is the time to start pulling them out again. Think about just tossing them over the chairs and other seating throughout the house to make them easily accessible when the weather cools down. The right colors can also allow this approach to add to your autumn decor.

7. Designated Mud Room or Coat Closet
Make the effort to create an organized space for shoes, coats, backpacks, umbrellas, etc. This will definitely make it a lot easier to get everyone off to school in the morning. It will also help avoid tracking mud and water through the home.

8. Eye Catching Seasonal Displays
Figure out where in the home you’ll want to focus your seasonal displays. For example, the front door area is a great place. Doing this makes it a lot easier to add a great fall feeling to the house without a time-consuming effort and without overtaking the rest of your home’s design.

9. Awesome Centerpieces
Autumn is a terrific time for table centerpieces. They add warmth and color to the home. Make sure that you’ve got vases and other accessories that you’ll need to create this simple decor.

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