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Category: Just For Fun

    Simple Steps for a Successful Spring Yard Sale

    By Eddy Workinger | February 28, 2020

    When spring is bursting with new life, it’s the perfect time to revitalize your home by clearing out the old and bringing in the new. Instead of consigning your once-loved knickknacks, kitchenware and furniture to the trash can, why not set up a yard sale to help them find new homes? Like-minded householders are looking... Read More

    Valentine’s Day: Where Did It Come From and What’s The Real Meaning?

    By Eddy Workinger | January 30, 2020

    We all know when Valentine’s Day is. And, if we hadn’t realized it was approaching, the sheer volume of heart-shaped balloons and chocolates already taking over shops is a bit of a giveaway. Read More

    2020: A Look Back at the Decade in Tech from Alexa to Xbox

    By Eddy Workinger | December 20, 2019

    “Alexa” was just another female name. Uber hadn’t taken anyone for a ride yet. And the buzz around Facebook had more to do with the fact that seemingly everyone you once knew was turning up on “The Social Network,” and less about the numerous data and privacy scandals that would tarnish the company’s reputation later on. The year... Read More

    5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Going Until Next Christmas

    By Eddy Workinger | December 20, 2019

    How to smash your goals in 2020 Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution only to give up as Feb 1st hits? The Dec / Jan transition period is usually a big time of reflection and inspiration deeply woven together. We review our achievements and failings of the past year as one year comes... Read More

    Prepping Your Home for the Holidays

    By Eddy Workinger | November 25, 2019

    Don’t get on Santa’s naughty list: Start checking tasks off your holiday to-do list now. Read More

    How to Keep Your Holiday Spending Under Control

    By Eddy Workinger | November 25, 2019

    These five tips will help you avoid blowing your budget or ending up in debt because of the holidays. Read More


    By Eddy Workinger | October 31, 2019

    As we approach the holiday of gratitude, here is a quick list of why it is great to be homeowner this Thanksgiving… 1. Make it your own: If you ever moved out of a rental and had to go back and restore it to it’s original look as the day you moved in then you... Read More

    9 Things Your Home Needs For Autumn

    By Eddy Workinger | September 30, 2019

    The home decorating bug bites a lot of us during the fall months. If you do some research into autumn design, you’ll find lots of tips about how to celebrate this terrific season in your home. Many of these tips are useful. However, what a lot of them fail to realize is that autumn is... Read More

    Getting Your Home Ready for Trick-or-Treaters

    By Eddy Workinger | September 30, 2019

    Consider these tips to ensure a fun and safe Halloween night. As we settle into fall, many of us start looking forward to Halloween. It’s a holiday adults can enjoy as much as kids. But, homeowners do have one serious obligation on this fun night: If you expect trick-or-treaters, you must make sure the path... Read More

    The Most Hated Chores in America—and How to Take the Agony Out of Doing Them

    By Eddy Workinger | August 29, 2019

    If you feel like you’re spending way too much time on household chores, you’re not alone. According to a new survey, the average American spends up to 690 hours a year on housework. We feel like even Marie Kondo would object to spending that much time making a home sparkle! Read More