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Here’s What Americans Are Most Thankful for This Year

A social media survey shows that people aren’t grateful for cars, money, or success—but something a little deeper.

We’re all about cultivating an attitude of gratitude this season, and now is the perfect time to reflect on everything there is to be grateful for. While material possessions are nice, and shopping sprees can be fun, they don’t top the lists of what Americans are most thankful for. What does is people.
Twitter took a look at what followed the phrase: “I’m thankful for…” in tweets since January 1, and found that users were grateful for “family,” “friends,” “everyone,” and the number one result: “You.” Seems like people were showing appreciation to partners, spouses, or other loved ones this year.

Speaking of love, that also showed up in the top ten, as well as “everything,” and “today.” You can see the full ranked list below.

Americans are Most #Thankful for… 

  1. You
  2. Life
  3. People
  4. Family
  5. Everything
  6. Love
  7. Friends
  8. Everyone
  9. Today
  10. God



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