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You’ll Never Guess The #1 Thing Buyers Look For When Purchasing a Home

Hint: It’s not a pool.

We’ve always been told to never judge a book by its cover—but when it comes to buying or renting a home, we can’t help but do just that. What’s on the outside definitely matters to anyone on the lookout to purchase their dream home, especially one particular aspect of the ever-important curb appeal.

According to a recent survey from the National Association of Landscape Professionals(NALP), 79% of Americans say that the lawn is one of the most important features of a house when purchasing a place to live. What’s surprising is that millennials value this aspect even more than older generations—a nice, healthy looking lawn was the number one thing the age group said it looked for when looking at potential homes.

Having a space to hang outdoors might be one of the reasons this feature is so important to prospective homeowners. The survey also revealed that 77% of people enjoy relaxing in their yards at least once a month, and that more people visited public parks and playgrounds than movie theaters, pools, bowling alleys, museums, and even beaches.

So how do we keep our lawns looking nice not only for ourselves, but potential buyers? Love Your Landscape has a few easy tips for those wanting to keep their lawns looking green.

First, consider something they call “grass recycling”. That’s when you leave the grass clippings on your lawn after a cut, which will return nitrogen and nutrients to the soil. Some more tips are to water wisely—every few days—and to keep your weeds under control, especially in the spring. Lastly, keep your mower blades sharp for peak effectiveness and, of course, don’t forget to fertilize!


Original Content & Image Source: House Beautiful

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